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Care and services

Private care and services in healthcare facilities

In addition to home care services, Humanika also offers personalized assistance in healthcare facilities. Our qualified, experienced, and attentive team provides all private services in healthcare centers. Whether in a hospital, rehabilitation center, long-term care facility, or palliative care home, our support aims to optimize the quality of life for clients.

We understand the specific needs of clients in healthcare facilities, and our goal is to offer complementary support to the hospital system while assisting families during this challenging time.

Soins services en etablissement

We are here for you

Personal hygiene care
Feeding assistance
Help with getting up and going to bed
Aid with personal grooming and preparation (dressing, toileting, etc.)
Assistance with transfers and mobility
Support with specific exercises
Accompaniment during hospitalization or recovery
Overnight monitoring in the hospital

Why choose our private care and services for healthcare facilities?

Quality care and services

All our professionals are trained to provide healthcare services that meet the highest quality standards with attentiveness and empathy.

Personalized approach

We ensure that our interventions are tailored to each person's preferences to contribute to their well-being and fulfillment in healthcare facilities.

Increased happiness index

We believe in the importance of breaking the isolation and loneliness experienced by seniors in healthcare facilities. By offering our specialized services, our team contributes to increasing the happiness index by bringing smiles back to our clients.

Tax credit available

Our services are eligible for the Quebec government’s tax credit for home support. You will receive a receipt so that you can recover up to a certain percentage of the amount paid. For 2022, the rate was equal to 36% of eligible expenses. The rate will increase by 1% each year until it reaches 40% in 2026.

How to get help for your loved one?

1. Identifying the care and services needed

Because every journey is unique, we offer a wide range of home and facility healthcare services to meet your needs.

2. Requesting care and services

We invite you to fill out our online care and service request form to tell us more about your situation, your needs, and your expectations of us. Fill out the form.

3. Free evaluation

Once the form is completed, our team will evaluate your request within 24 to 48 hours and contact you to discuss which options best suit your needs.

4. Development of a customized plan

Once your needs have been clearly defined, we will develop a customized care and service plan that considers your preferences, physical condition, and living environment.

Make your request now

To benefit from our specialized health care and services, let us know how we can assist
you. Our team will ask questions to understand your needs and expectations fully.

Permit number : AP-2000480